COR Calendar System

A smart calendar tool to help increase productivity and collaboration between creative professionals.


To design a smart management tool for creative professionals, that facilitates collaboration, file sharing, and increased productivity.


We are moving towards a more digital and collaborative culture, yet our calendars are not moving with us. COR is a smart management tool that helps creative businesses, and the professionals within them, to collaborate with their peers through simple document sharing, facilitating quick feedback, and utilizing their network. COR breaks down your projects to make them more organized and manageable, and recognizes patterns in your workflow, allowing you to reflect and reevaluate your behavior to increase productivity.

COR stands for collaborate, organize, and reflect.

Interface Screen One
Interface Screen Two
Interface Screen Three


To develop our concept we conducted both primary and secondary research through examining published articles and studies as well as in person interviews. We spoke with working professionals in a variety of creative fields such as design, computer programming, marketing, and game development. To analyze current products on the market that were trying to pursue similar opportunities, we performed basic case studies of products such as Rypple.

Overall we discovered that people felt their calendars were static and inefficient. As the workplace becomes increasingly collaborative in creative fields, individuals are looking for ways to make better use of their time.

After the research phase of our project we developed a concept model of the problem space, highlighting exactly what it is that working professionals are seeking when it comes to their calendars. To begin developing the interface we collaboratively sketched, created wireframes and interactive prototypes, and developed an overall visual identity. Through an iterative process of critique and peer review, we developed our final solution for COR.

Research Image
Sketch Image
Concept Model