Oh Shit - Sex Education When You Need It

A sex education mobile site that focuses on providing age-relevant and contextually appropriate sex education information to teens in the moment they need it most.

Visit ohshit.info on your mobile phone to view a live prototype


One in three teen girls in the United States will be pregnant before they turn eighteen, and everyday 10,000 American teens will get a sexually transmitted disease.

Sex education in school focuses on prevention, but doesn’t tell teens what to do if prevention fails. This defines the “Oh shit moment.” Teens search for information as it becomes applicable to their lives, and want to be able to access it easily. Rather than having teens look to unreliable information sources on the Internet, Oh Shit provides a mobile site that gives information to teens directly in a non-biased and approachable way.


Teens can access the interface by visiting ohshit.info on a mobile phone. On the landing page they are presented with three different sections of the site.

Oh Shit enables teens to select a topic (e.g. “oh shit, the condom broke”) and the site will provide them with relevant information, outside resources, and next steps. I Wonder gives teens information about specific topics such as STDs. Am I Normal is a place to post questions such as “I’ve never kissed a girl, am I normal?” and view how they relate to their peers.


Every year teen pregnancies cost U.S. taxpayers 9 billion dollars, and every single day 2,400 more teen girls become pregnant.

By providing an easily accessible and relevant information source for teens, Oh Shit will help reduce the amount of misinformation they are getting about sex, empower teens to make informed decisions, and promote a culture open to the discussion of these issues. Oh Shit adds value because it will help lower the currently overwhelming rate of unplanned teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.


This project began in October 2012, trying to address the question, “How do teens ages 15-18 get information about sex?” To inform the research and design phase of this project I interviewed teens, conducted a adolescent focus group, as well as interviewing several local sex education experts. Other research methods include collecting case studies and observing online teen behavior when looking for answers to questions about sex.

After an iterative design process of wireframing, user testing, and creating a visual identity, I began developing Oh Shit through HTML, CSS, and PHP. I am currently in the process of collaborating with Planned Parenthood to get funding and further develop the project. The ultimate goal is to provide this site as a free service that reaches a widespread audience, positively impacting teen lives.

9 months